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Selling the most expensive financial asset most people own is an important decision, choosing the right agent to represent you on the transaction is too. With over 20 years of experience, the Caviness Group has become known for their superb marketing skills and expert negotiations that solicit maximum interest, and command the highest possible price for their properties.

Typical agents using old tactics, get typical results, thats why the Caviness Group uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and time-tested marketing strategies to elevate each and every property. Representing clients at all price points, the Caviness Group believes each client deserves unsurpassed attention to detail, together with a customized marketing strategy that makes sense for each property and client.

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Exceeding the Industry Standards
+ The Caviness group's clients receive a high-touch collaborative approach between the Caviness Group team members as well as clients.
+ Selling a home is like getting through a field of legal land mines, we navigate all of the paperwork preparation to be sure not one item is overlooked, to ensure we do everything we can to best protect our clients and their assets.
+ We manage contractors, inspectors and other professionals to prepare the property, from inside-out.
+ We collaborate with Silicon Valley's best staging professionals to ensure our properties shine and evoke the right emotion from each buyer that sees and enters the home.
+ Our standards are high, only the highest quality photographers and videographers are summoned to handle a Caviness Group property.
+ We layer online digital together with print marketing to generate maximum interest in our listings.
+ The Caviness Group is on-hand at open house and Broker tour events to best present your home, explain its features, we believe you hire US, so why would we put someone else in the position of presenting your home.
+ Constant communication, to keep you up to date and informed every step of the way.
+ We've been trained in negotiating the highest possible price for your property, to best hedge agains leaving your money on the table.