What Our Clients Say

We interviewed many realtors before we chose Brett, we knew immediately he was the best realtor by far. He came prepared, he had an extensive knowledge of the market and listened to what our needs were. My brother and I both live out of the area. We needed someone who could take care of all the details selling our childhood home in Santa Clara. Brett acted as our liaison, he was present for all repairs, staging, and open houses. His contractor's did an outstanding job, the house looked perfect. He over saw everything, and communicated daily on the progress. We could not believe the service he offered us, he made the whole transaction flawless. Brett walked us through every stage, and was present for the closing paperwork. I was so impressed that I recommended him to a life long friend of 35 years. He got that listing and the next month sold his townhome in Mountain View. If you are looking for the absolute best realtor, Brett Caviness is the one.

Dawn J.

Brett has an intimate knowledge of the market and always gave great insights.  Extremely responsive, attention to detail, and just overall very friendly and great to work with.
When you choose a realtor, you're not only choosing them, you're choosing their entire team, which in Bretts case includes relationships with best  Inspectors, Painters, Escrow Agents, etc. 
He has an extensive network that really helped in multiple situations. 
I would have never imagined the selling a home from a distance  can be so smooth.
Brett has integrity, commitment, he is very reliable and skilled professional.

I would highly recommend him to everyone.” 

Natalia S.

"We worked with Brett on a long and arduous residential short-sale, and we all learned a lot along the way. He was diligent, professional, always on time, prepared, great to work with, and a man of high integrity."

Linda S.

My partner and I have recently requested help of a realtor and Brett was the one who we chose to stick with. Of the other realtors we interviewed, we were extremely impressed with the timeliness of his responses. Thanks to his great market insights, we found an excellent home that matched our wants and needs. Brett is a pleasant person to work with!
Thank you again!

Maya I. 

I surely cannot write enough about Brett. Brett is a thorough professional and someone who does his job with utmost sincerity. We were impressed with his assistance in our home buying process. He was very easy to work with and provided us with great insights. I would surely recommend Brett to  anyone who is looking out for a home. He takes real good care of his clients and is always very prompt in responding to queries. We enjoyed our home buying process, thanks to Brett.”


After working with three other agents around the Bay Area, I was fortunate enough to meet Brett. Since day 1, Brett has asked all the right questions to gauge my style and preference. Every time I speak to Brett, he comes prepared with far more information than expected and insights that guide my  decisions. He is patient and looking for a long-term partnership--throughout my life of buying and selling homes, starting with this first little one! Best of all, Brett shows the same attention and tenacity to all of his clients, big and small, never picking favorites.

Nick C.

My wife and I met Brett at an Open house while we were casually exploring some properties. Brett was a thorough professional from the get go and kept in regular touch until we were ready to actively start the process.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the real estate world, organized in thought and action and has exceptional follow through. He made us feel like he was part of this journey with us, never missing a meeting and always answering any questions we had for him. He guided us through the process like a friend or confidant would and helped us acquire our dream home. He is patient yet time-sensitive and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Brett and will not hesitate to seek his help in case of future needs!

Ninad S.

I just did my home sales as part of my relocation package. Brett was assigned by the relocation company. I interviewed 3 and made Brett as my choice. It turned out to be great. Brett has clear thinking and is very organized. He stepped out of his responsibility to help me with the logistics, all the way to the end to book a cleaner for move-out cleaning. That is a big relieve for our family during the busy relocation. Brett showed his great experience and knowledge in home sales. He quickly gained our trust and we heavily rely on his advice to made important decisions. This is especially important when the process did not go smoothly as planned. We feel luck to have Brett as our agent.”

Feng L.

Brett is fabulous! I can not say enough good things about him. When I was initially looking for a new house, Brett worked with me to determine exactly what I was looking for. He explained the dynamics of the Peninsula real estate market and educated me on how to determine the value of the houses I was looking at. I recently completed a purchase that was handled by Brett. It was a short sale and took over 6 months to complete. I honestly believe that if it had not been for Brett, the purchase would never have been completed. He was on top of every detail constantly, and even jumped in and contacted the seller's lender directly when it looked like the deal might fall through due to inattention from the seller's agent. Brett kept me in the loop almost daily, patiently explaining the short sale process and providing solid advice on how to proceed. If you are looking for a knowledgeable agent that will insure a successful transaction, and make the experience easy for you, give Brett a call.”

Doug C.

When I met Brett he seemed polite, energetic, and helpful.  I was a little worried because I am a first time buyer and Brett appeared young.  Brett went above and beyond in answering my questions.  The more we spoke, the more I thought that he was a serious professional who cared about helping people.  I was impressed by his wealth of knowledge of real estate in general as well as current trends in the Bay Area.

Working with Brett, my fiancé and I enjoyed an easy rapport that improved as our home-buying adventure progressed.  We felt that he really understood what we were looking for.  Brett was extremely prompt in communication by phone, email, and text.

As things got hairy for us with our lender, we appreciated Brett even more in his capacity to elicit communication from the other parties and keep us informed.

I would (and will) recommend Brett Caviness to anyone looking for a great real estate agent.

Thanks again, Brett.

Mike S.