We believe real estate professionals are stronger together. The Caviness Group works in a collaborative, fast-paced environment centered on exceeding client and industry standards and expectations. In today's competitive real estate environment, especially here in Silicon Valley, it can be difficult for a solo-agent to have all of the skills, marketing and other components necessary to excel. The Caviness Group, together with the strength of Coldwell Banker, provides a platform for agents to plug-in, and leap their business forward with proven tools in the world of database management, marketing, training, education, all in a collaborative environment that holds agents accountable for their own goals, and the goals for the team.

The Caviness Group might be right for agents who:
+ Have succeeded in the industry, but who are looking to elevate their brand and their business to new levels.
+ Are experienced but are looking to improve their marketing efforts and increase conversion of existing database.
+ Are newer to the business and are ambitious, hard working and dedicated to raising the bar in the real estate industry.
+ Are ready to put in the time and effort it takes to be at the top of this very competitive industry.

Misconceptions of Teams:
"I'm an experienced agent, and I don't want to loose my brand identity, and I don't want to appear as a new brand (i.e. The Caviness Group) to my clients."
+ We agree! That's why Brett has set up the Caviness Group in a way that puts the individual agent out front FIRST and supports them from behind with the proven Caviness Group tools and strategies that only help to support them to build their own personal brand identity even further. Brett doesn't believe in a singular figure-head team-leader model where all of the agents work under the cover of the team-leader's identity, thereby only making the team leader look good. Instead, agents affiliated with The Caviness Group are elevated as individual agents with the power of a team behind THEM.

We're building something special, something different in the real estate world. Would you like to join us?

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